About Our Trainer

Kara apprenticed for two years under various mentors to learn and perfect her skills as a dog trainer. In October of 2021, she decided it was time to strike out on her own and founded Centex Dog Training. She specializes in training psychiatric service dogs and preparing pet dogs to go out in pet friendly spaces with their owners. She believes that everyone deserves to learn how to train their dogs, achieve their goals, and enjoy spending time with their dog! 

Kara is involved in various dog sports with her personal dogs including AKC Rally Obedience, Dock Diving, and AKC Trick Dog. She is an approved CGC Evaluator and is constantly working to learn and prove her skills professionally and recreationally.  

Our Goals

Keep Dogs in Homes
Our primary goal is to keep dogs out of shelters and rescues by partnering with shelters, rescues, and owners to help create well mannered pets that owners can enjoy having in their homes.

Provide Accessible Training
It is our belief that dog training should be easily accessible to dog owners. We do our best to keep prices at a reasonable rate so that we can better serve more of our community.

Help the Disabled Gain Independence
Service dogs provide a level of independence for their disabled handlers that makes all the difference in the world. Our goal is to give people that sense of independence by training dogs to perform tasks that make their lives easier.

Educate the Public
Our goal is to help owners and the general public learn about dog body language, breeds, behavior, and health to improve the relationship between dogs and humans and keep people safe. By providing resources to the public, we hope to decrease the number of bite incidents, keep dogs in homes, and keep people safe.