Available AKC Evaluations

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Canine Good Citizen
Available In Person Only

CGC, CGC Urban, & Community Canine

The CGC test is a way to show that you have trained your dog to a level that they can safely and politely navigate public spaces. This test is fantastic for pet owners that want to do more with their dogs, is often required by Therapy Dog organizations**, and often acts as a good starting point for Service Dog training**. To learn more about the CGC visit the AKC Website

AKC Trick Dog
Available Virtually or In Person

Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Performer, and Elite Performer

Want something fun to do with your dogs and earn something while doing it? Check out the AKC Trick Dog titles! Trick training is a wonderful way to work your dog's brain and build a strong relationship with your dog. For more information about the AKC Trick Dog titles visit the AKC website! 

AKC Home Manners
Available Virtually Only

Home Manners Puppy & Home Manners Adult

Want to train your dog but don't know where to start? The Home Manners titles are a great way to get into training your dog and are a fantastic introduction to earning AKC titles! For more information about the Home Manners titles, visit the AKC website! 

**Earning the CGC titles do not make your dog a Therapy Dog or Service Dog. The CGC titles are often used as benchmarks to prove the dog has reached a certain level of training but are not used to certify an animal as a Therapy Dog or Service Dog. Visit the AKC website for more information about their Therapy Dog Titles and the ADA website for information on Service Dogs